Tuesday, December 31, 2013


At the end of 2012 I wrote
My only resolution is to floss more... my dentist would be so proud.  
But my vision for my life in 2013 is one of change and forward motion.
I'm not sure what will happen in 2013... I have no idea what my life will be like, where I will live, what I will be doing, or who I will know... and I'm excited for all the possibilities that exist in those uncertainties. 

I'm  happy to report that I have flossed more consistently this year.   Happy teeth and happy gums.
More seriously, I knew this year would bring a significant change, and I'm glad that after a few setbacks this year lived up to its word. 

Highlights of 2013:
I joined the Backwoods Hiking Club which lead me to new friendships and outdoor adventures with a group of fantastic women.

Took a ceramics class with Jess!

C & L: One New Thing... so many wonderful adventures and frolics.

Went to Denver with C - at that time I had no idea this would be my home and I'd be skiing almost every weekend!

Experienced a devastating tornado, and watched the community respond with grace and love.

Spent many fantastic hours poolside.

Explored Colorado and Moab with C!

Watched two wonderful friends celebrate their love and enjoyed a NYC reunion!

And then came Plan C... and it turns out third time really is a charm.
After the PCT and grad school didn't work out, I made a risky leap of faith.  And so far, it has turned out to be quite the success.
On moving to Denver: Undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've ever made.
On teaching again: The jury's still out.

This year was full of uncertainty and a fair amount of disappointment... but it was also full of thousands of memories that embodied "enjoy the small moments" and significantly positive forward motion. 

In 2014 I look forward to many wonderful adventures in Colorado, and I hope to solidify a career plan.

1. Stick to a budget.
2. Cook through a cookbook.

I'm ready & excited for all that 2014 will hold.
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

365 Denver: 131-140

Day 131
Thursday, December 12
Watching the Broncos (lose) and hanging out with friends at my local bar.

Day 132
Friday, December 13
Friday the 13th! Spooky. 
Culture Night at my school.  Seeing this drumline perform made me miss OUPS and various friends through music, but the night as a whole made me miss being a part of something.  Band not only provided an incredible sense of accomplishment and fostered a never-ending love of music, but it also gave me a chance to truly be a part of something - to work towards a common goal with others - to form an unspoken bond.

Day 133
Saturday December 14
Skyped with Brad & Callie for hours tonight... amazing!  Then a spectacular evening with Kirsten & Preston watching the Band of Heathens
Bonus picture:

Day 134
Sunday, December 15
A day of relaxation and movies.

Day 135
Monday, December 16
Our new unit study at school is about musicians and artists.  I brought my flute and played for the kiddos.  I will never know if quitting music was the right choice, but I am grateful that it will always be part of my life.

Day 136
Tuesday, December 17
Last game of the session!  We decided to switch to 6's for next session so it will be less competitive and more social.  I love having volleyball as a part of my week!

Day 137
Wednesday, December 18
Exactly one week before Christmas and I had not gotten a single gift... until I went shopping with Pam!  Pam and I are excellent shopping buddies - accomplished a lot with no bull shit.  We celebrated with sushi dinner and drinks. 

Day 138
Thursday, December 19
Things that don't fit: winter boots, bridesmaid dress, and ski boots... after some adjustments at the store on Friday, the ski botos ended up fitting (HOORAY!) but at the time I was super bummed.

Day 139
Friday, December 20
Gingerbread house fun.
See ya on January 7 kiddos.

Day 140
Saturday, December 21
Several inches of fresh powder for my first day with my new skis!!!  I love skiing and I LOVE MY NEW SKIS! Easily top 5 Christmas present I've ever had. A beautiful, snowy day in the mountains skiing and Christmas shopping... definitely a "I love living in Colorado" kind of day.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

365 Denver: 121-130

Day 121
Monday, December 2
Going back to school after a week off was not nearly as hard as I thought it'd be... more like a welcome distraction.  AND THEN I SAW BRAD!  He had a layover in Denver so we got to meet at the airport.  Completely lifted my spirits and made me feel at home.

Day 122
Tuesday, December 3
Kiddos studying with their 4th grade buddies - super adorable.  I was also named staff member of the month so I get a special parking spot!  It doesn't feel deserved, but I'm putting those feelings aside and just enjoying it. 

Day 123
Wednesday, December 4
Sally was overjoyed when I got home today.  I adore coming home to her.

Day 124
Thursday, December 5
This week I've made a mental change towards work.   Up to this point, work has been full of frustration and mediocrity - it demolished my desire to put in more than 50 hours a week. This week I tried to dedicate more of myself to work, understanding that you typically get out of something an equivalent to what you put into it.  I'm still not working nearly as hard as I did in NYC (Colorado is too wonderful for 70-80 hour work weeks)- there is a better balance - but I feel positive about the progress.  Step 1: Changing up my classroom environment.

Day 125
Friday, December 6
Christmas came early!! My Dad asked me "What would delight you?" and I jokingly said "Skis".  I never actually expected skis for Christmas!   I am sooo excited for my new skis and boots!! 

Day 126
Saturday, December 7
Ski weekend fun!  I was on cloud 9 today - Sooner victory, hanging out with wonderful, fun people on a weekend getaway, skied my first black - such a happy day!

Day 127
Sunday, December 8
The busy, fun weekend was physically draining.  Several emotional conversations were emotionally draining.  Sally and I were happy to fall into bed at an early 9:30.

Day 128
Monday, December 9
Met up with Kirsten and the guys at 1Up - a bar full of video games!   I expected to go for a drink... but then I had too much fun.  We checked out a delicious taco place and hit up my local bar.  Fun times. Fun people.

Day 129
Tuesday, December 10
Our class won the spirit stick again this week.  What what!

Day 130
Wednesday, December 11
Post break-up week and the weekend away made for one messy apartment.  Finally took some time to clean and it is once more a welcoming environment.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

365 Denver: 111-120

Day 111
Friday, November 22
Hibachi grill and dueling piano bar with the ladies!  Fantastic random events to start Thanksgiving break!

Day 112
Saturday, November 23
Finally finished decorating my entryway!  Thanks to some thrift shopping, all frames cost a total of $13.

Day 113
Sunday, November 24
Crafting.  Attempting to learn how to crochet.  Generally more stressful than enjoyable, but its good to try new things.

Day 114
Monday, November 25
Officially a Coloradan! 

Day 115
Tuesday, November 26
Skiing with Kirsten!  We got to explore lots of new runs and it made me very excited for full mountains with great snow that will come later in the season!  Then volleyball and team karaoke!  Great day. 

Day 116
Wednesday, November 27
Lauren's friend Negra is in town this week and I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with her - she's fantastic.  Tonight we went out to celebrate Thanksgivukkah - the unusual happenstance of Thanksgiving colliding with Hannukah. 

Unfortunately the night ended in a (amicable) break-up.  It especially hard because even though its probably the right thing long-term, I still really enjoy our current relationship  Also, he has been an incredibly important and prominent part of my life here thus far so his newfound absence creates a great deal of loneliness and sadness.

Day 117
Thursday, November 28
Thanksgiving in Breckenridge.  Loved the people, loved the food... but for a resort town, Breck was surprisingly dead.  And being such a lover of traditions and holidays, I missed being in a home, cooking, watching football, and relaxing with loved ones.

Day 118
Friday, November 29
Hanging out in Breck!

Day 119
Saturday, November 30
A day of moping.  The past two days I've been surrounded by people and activities, so I hadn't really been able to let the break-up sink in.   Then I decided to cheer myself up by decorating for Christmas, watching Elf, drinking wine, and eating an entire pizza... (sometimes you just have to).

Day 120
Sunday, December 1
Day 2 of moping... add in a lot more crying.  Two tissue boxes later, I had gone through a lot of emotions.  In the end, I realized that a lot of little things lead up to this decision - on his part, on mine, and random things we can't really control.  Whether it is right or wrong, it is.  And I have to let the past be past. 

Someday I'll be able to see him as a good friend - one who introduced me to Denver with kindness and caring, shenanigans and friendships, and undoubted companionship. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

365 Denver: 101-110

 Day 101
Tuesday, November 12
Field trip to the Children's Museum of Denver!  Most teachers, myself included, have a love-hate relationship with field trips.  Today was a love-hate day, but its cute to see the kiddos so excited about everything and anything.  Who knew riding the bus and dressing up like a firefighter was so amazing?

Day 102
Wednesday, November 13
Stitches removal by Kirsten with help from favorite nurses T & C and supporters Derek and Mist.  Kirsten did such a fantastic job!  And although it was brief, it was so great to see the OK crew.  Later that night I skyped with Molly which was equally as lovely!

Day 103
Thursday, November 14
Dinner with/by J.  Recipes may not be his forte, but it was a yummy, funny night. 

Day 104
Friday, November 15
A bar we frequent advertised having an 80s ski party... so we dressed up! ...and were the only ones who did. haha  Obviously we were the coolest people there.

Day 105
Saturday, November 16
Ski day #3.  Beautiful snowy powder day!  
Followed by hot tubbing and watching Hot Tub Time Machine. 

Day 106
Sunday, November 17
90 minute wait for a delicious Snooze brunch?  No problem - corn hole, uno, thumb war,etc.  Sometimes it's not where you are or what you're doing, it's the people you're with who make it fun.

Day 107
Monday, November 18
Sally says "stop doing work" in her adorable new cable knit sweater.

Day 108
Tuesday, November 19
No voice. At all. All day. Tea.

Day 109
Wednesday, November 20
Sally reads Harry Potter.

Day 110
Thursday, November 21
Snow!  Excited for the first real snowy day of the season.