Monday, April 21, 2014

365 Denver: 251-260

Day 251
Friday, April 11
Relaxing evening doing work, misc. chores, and preparing for the arrival of Heather!!

Day 252
Saturday, April 12
Heather and I at a birthday bbq!  A relaxed, fun backyard day.

Day 253
Sunday, April 13
Crappy snowy weather brought us bar-hopping with friends.

Day 254
Monday, April 14
Heather and I checked out Red Rocks, Breck, and other Colorado fun.

Day 255
Tuesday, April 15
Heather left. :(  It is always SO nice to have such wonderful friends visit!
Sally is severely out of shape!  I'm putting her on a running schedule.

Day 256
Wednesday, April 16
Regular work day turned amazing weekday by rock climbing with Joe & Preston after work!
I recently bought a harness and shoes so I'm looking forward to getting into a new hobby.

Day 257
Thursday, April 17
Preparing jello-egg-shots for the weekend.

Day 258
Friday, April 18
80 degrees + Friday + bubbles = best day ever.

Day 259
Saturday, April 19
Weekend trip to Pueblo, CO!
We woke up (after a night at the bars until 2am) and randomly decided to run a 5k/10k... and then we all placed!  I was first in my age group... but I'll admit the competition was weak.
The rest of the day was spent eating a Pueblo-famous "slopper" at Coors Tavern, boating at Lake Pueblo, and frolicking near the river walk.
The day was absolutely full of smiles and laughter.

Day 260
Sunday, April 20
Easter brunch with Joe's family.  My friendship with Joe has been so warm, welcoming, and fun - my experience with his family was no different.  35 people gathered around delicious food (including home-made green chili), games, and joy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

365 Denver: 241-250

Day 241
Tuesday, April 1
Playing tennis with Pam.

Day 242
Wednesday, April 2
Skiing in Copper.  I had a lot of great runs and decided to end the season on that note.  I have absolutely loved skiing this year, but I'm also really looking forward to spring/summer activities.  Colorado simply has the best of both worlds.

Day 243
Thursday, April 3
Much needed rest from constantly being half-sick, a long day of life errands, happy hour with friends, and skyping with Brad - what a day!

Day 244
Friday, April 4
Rockies opening day!! I'm super excited for baseball season.  I had a lovely day (and a lot of drinks) with these fine ladies. 

Day 245
Saturday, April 5
Watching basketball with Kirsten/Preston.

Day 246
Sunday, April 6
Martha meal with Pam - delicious!

Day 247
Monday, April 7
Wanted to watch the game, but wanted to work out... combo action!  Yay UConn!

Day 248
Tuesday, April 8
SPRING!  I'm so excited for spring to be here!

Day 249
Wednesday, April 9
Happy hour at Root Down for Nichole's birthday.  Cool, chill spot - might be a new fav.

Day 250
Thursday, April 10
Finally gave in to the never-ending half-sickness (that became unbearable over night) and went to the doctor to get some drugs.  Who knew antibiotics were such a lovely thing!?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Break: Moab

To kick off spring break, we headed to Moab for the weekend to enjoy the sun, rocks, and freedom.
Saturday was spent hiking, belaying, and rock climbing... and then a lot of drinking by the fire.
Sunday was spent swinging the Corona Arch - an absolutely amazing experience!
Truly an awesome weekend!
Here's a video that captures some of the highlights:
I was reminded of the immense power of human connection while being humbled in awe of nature. We can build grand homes, cities, etc., but they pale in comparison to what nature does and provides.  At the same time, the bulk of the joy from this weekend was derived from the people - those I knew and those we met.  Life is a shared experience, and I couldn't be luckier to share this one with them.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

365 Denver: 231-240

Day 231
Saturday, March 22
Bouldering at Joe's and hanging out with friends.

Day 232
Sunday, March 23
Relaxing, reading, and loving the beautiful open-window weather!

Day 233
Monday, March 24
REI dividend came in the mail so I got a new day pack!  And my mom very sweetly surprised me with a package of chicken soup and a purse!

Day 234
Tuesday, March 25
A busy day at the dog park!

Day 235
Wednesday, March 26
Dentist appointment.  Still in the cavity free club - good job me!

Day 236
Thursday, March 27
Doctor appointment and oil change - it is a productive week in life!  Harry was kind enough to hang out with me in the waiting room. I've been so lucky that I've loved my dentist/doctor/car place... that can be hard to find in a new city. 

Day 237
Friday, March 28
Work has been crrraaazzzyy lately and the break is much needed!!
Driving to Moab for the weekend!

Day 238
Saturday, March 29
Hiking, belaying, climbing, and camping in beautiful Moab with wonderful people!

Day 239
Sunday, March 30
Hiked up to the top of this bad boy and jumped off.  Hands down one of the coolest things I've ever done!

Day 240
Monday, March 31
Opening day!
Reds lost - Pam was bummed.