Thursday, February 20, 2014

365 Denver: 191-200

Day 191
Monday, February 10
Lots of work and feeling sick... glad to have Kombucha and soup!

Day 192
Tuesday, February 11
Tea and Harry - the perfect ending note on a sinus infected day.

Day 193
Wednesday, February 12
Cut out of work early today with some friends and headed to happy hour.  Then skyping night with some OUPS!  Such happy surprises for the day.

Day 194
Thursday, February 13
Kids didn't have school on actual Valentines Day so today I got a variety of silly Valentines.  It made me smile and giggle all day long.

Day 195
Friday, February 14
We had parent conferences all day long so after 12 hours of difficult conversations, I was looking forward to my date with Trader Joe.  It opened today 8 blocks from my apartment and I am so excited!  I thought it wouldn't be too crazy at 7:30 on Valentine's Day night... but I could not have been more wrong!  I gave up and went out to dinner at my local bar and made lots of funny friends.  It ended up being a chill/fun night, and  my Trader Joes date will wait for another day. 

Day 196
Saturday, February 15
Skiing at Copper (awesome day) and then this big house party in Breck with some new friends.  Lots of drinking, hot tubbing, flirting, friends, and snow.  Definitely a "I can't believe this is my everyday life" kind of day.  I love Colorado so much and the friends and experiences I've been lucky to find has been unbelievable.

Day 197
Sunday, February 16
65 degrees and sunny calls for a day in Washington Park with friends!  We played volleyball, football, soccer, etc. made friends, etc.  It made me soooo excited for spring/summer.  Also, crazy to think that this springy day was sandwiched with skiing!

Day 198
Monday, February 17
My friend had a free pass to Vail so we headed up for the day!  Vail is huge so I felt like I was on a grand adventure all day long.  It was SO much fun and I dropped into my first bowl which was pretty exciting!

Day 199
Tuesday, February 18
Classic Tuesday volleyball night!

Day 200
Wednesday, February 19
Laundry, work, and The Bachelor with Lauren.

Monday, February 10, 2014

365 Denver: 181-190

Day 181
Friday, January 31
Broncos pep rally at school!
Broncos spirit week made our school feel festive and joyful all week long!

Day 182
Saturday, February 1
Awesome powder day!  In the past few weeks, the mountains got a few feet of snow.  I had lots of crazy falls, but just fell into fluffiness! Lauren got a day pass and got to come out with us!

Day 183
Sunday, February 2
Undoubtedly pathetic performance by the Broncos in the Super Bowl... but I still love them, and I had a blast at the watch party. The host has a bouldering wall in his basement which provided many post-game smiles! 

Day 184
Monday, February 3
Recently discovered the room for DVD workouts in my apartment gym!  Hello Jillian Michaels... time to get ready for bikini season?

Day 185
Tuesday, February 4
Love volleyball nights!

Day 186
Wednesday, February 5
Finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a bit ago so it was time to watch the movie!  I wish it was just an on-screen version of my imagination (with all accurate accounts), but it was a decent replacement. 

Day 187
Thursday, February 6
I had been wanting to try Vine Street Pub for a while so Pam and I met up for a drink.  Next to this picture it said "This makes me happy."  A fantastic description of the bar and night!  A few drinks later we were at Thin Man with our new friends getting in to a small-venue band performance.  It was one of those perfect one-thing-leads-to-another fun kind of nights. 

Day 188
Friday, February 7
Watching the Opening Ceremonies! I requested "Olympic wine" and it was Olympic indeed.
I love the Olympics!  I find it even more enjoyable now that I live in a place that has an active scene in winter sports!

Day 189
Saturday, February 8
Decided to spend a day in town with myself and Sal.  It was a good choice - I got rest, relaxed, was productive, went on a run in the park, made a Martha meal, and skyped with Brad!

Day 190
Monday, February 9
Kirsten and I planned on an ice skating adventure... but the sun had other plans and melted the ice!  So we made squirrels. Aren't they adorable?