Monday, July 21, 2014

365 Denver: 341-350

 Day 341
Thursday, July 10
Working out at the Red Rocks... guess I'm really one of those crazy locals now.

Day 342
Friday, July 11
A day of frolicking at the Great Sand Dunes, Zapata Falls, and Pueblo!

Day 343
Saturday, July 12
Long line for Sally to get checked out at the cheap vet clinic.

Day 344
Sunday, July 13
Amazing morning hiking Grays and Torreys by moonlight, up in time for the sunrise.  Colorado is BEAUTIFUL.

Day 345
Monday, July 14
Working on getting certified in Colorado... again... still not resolved.
Why can't people just do their jobs?!
Also, reading my new book from the library!  Gotta love David Sedaris.

Day 346
Tuesday, July 15
They had a short layover at DIA, but it was SO good to see them and so wonderful to finally meet Jacob.

Day 347
Wednesday, July 16
Morning climbing session before heading into the mountains to camp.

Day 348
Thursday, July 17
Belford/Oxford... exhausting hikes!
Summer 14er goal: 6/10

Day 349
Friday, July 18
Hanging out at the Cherry Creek Reservoir.   It was fun to chill at the beach and just be silly... and to people watch some white trash funny situations. 

Day 350
Saturday, July 19
I tagged along to a huge camping weekend with a ton of awesome people.  True to the Colorado spirit, everybody was chill, happy, fun, and up for a good time.  We played lots of games, took afternoon naps in hammock city, cooled down in the creek, had a bonfire, and roasted a pig.  It was a grand ol' time.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

365 Denver: 331-340

Day 331
Monday, June 30
Motorcycle adventures with Joe.

Day 332
Tuesday, July 1
Rock climbing and USA game.

Day 333
Wednesday, July 2
Driving up to Steamboat for the holiday weekend.

Day 334
Thursday, July 3
Fantastic day out on the lake!  Got up on skis, went fishing, and chilled with some great people.

Day 335
Friday, July 4
Happy birthday, America!!
I caught my first fish!!
Great day at the lake celebrating.

Day 336
Saturday, July 5
Another relaxing day at the lake on the boat and at the beach.

Day 337
Sunday, July 6
Finished the HP series today!

Day 338
Monday, July 7
Fun day in Golden with friends floating the river and hanging out in the park.

Day 339
Tuesday, July 8
World Cup watching.

Day 340
Wednesday, July 9
Tennis with Pam & more World Cup watching.

Monday, July 7, 2014

365 Denver: 321-330

Day 321
Friday, June 20
Hiking and Rockies game with the ladies!

Day 322
Saturday, June 21
Softball game, binge watching OINTB, and a date.

Day 323
Sunday, June 22
USA vs. Germany & backyard fun.

Day 324
Monday, June 23
Estes Park with Pam.
I love exploring Colorado.

Day 325
Tuesday, June 24
Yoga, pool day, and some evening patio drinking.

Day 326
Wednesday, June 25
Hiking with Lauren and the pups and enjoying Ft. Collins.

Day 327
Thursday, June 26
USA vs. Germany.

Day 328
Friday, June 27
Mt. Shavano with Joe (Joe's dog in picture). So beautiful and fun, but also filled with altitude sickness.

Day 329
Saturday, June 28
Volleyball tourny + Washers tourny = 12 hours of fun and drinking.

Day 330
Sunday, June 29
Skyping with OUPS, chatting with Sarah, and evening at Kirsten's - a day full of old friends.