Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lady Gaga?

I love Halloween! So much. I've always loved it, but I love it even more in NYC! (Although I did not see any costumes as good as PS ones!) I just love the festivities! Everybody in my neighborhood was out on their stoop with the candy and all the adorable kids, and everybody in the subway looked ridiculous - awesome. :)

So, for Halloween Heather, Alison, and I went as ...masks? haha I just wanted something easy and so did they - and it was the easiest costume maybe ever. We got so much attention from it too! haha We got free drinks for winning a "best costume" contests that these guys were having for themselves haha and then played lots of beer pong. One of our favorite quotes "I like your masks... I can't even tell if you're pretty or not." ...Thanks? hahaha

It was tons of fun though and now the bar that we like to go to calls us "lady gaga"... who know why really haha but we like it! They recognized us the next weekend even though we had our masks on before! Crazy! and cool! haha I love having a local bar, but its even better when they call you lady gaga! :)

Which reminds me - so jealous of everybody going to her concerts (including you, Megan!)

Here are some lovely pictures, courtesy of Heather:Haha, the masks. Meow.

Just doing a little dancing. Oregon style. :)

Love playing beer pong at "Halloween Bar" :)haha. Present for me? Dick in the box - never goes old.
At our friend's house party :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home Sweet Homa

First let me say that though I have been slacking on both blogging and commenting on other's blogs, I have been avidly reading your blogs and loving them!

Why haven't I blogged in sooooo long? Well... probably the 60+ hour work week, going to grad school, and restarting life in a new city! But, don't be fooled - I have had much to blog about and I will try my best to be better at blogging! :)


I had such a wonderful trip to Norman!!!! It was kind of strange - it had only been a few months since I had been there, but it has literally felt like years!! Weird things that are so normal seemed so strange! Like carpet. haha

Well it started with the best party-squad-like airport pick up - people running at me with these beautiful car-made signs:
I can't explain how excited I was to see Kirsten, Tracy, and Brad!!! I should have been really really tired, but I wasn't at all - I was just so happy! And then we just chatted and had fun and had a big slumber party! I wish every night was a fun slumber party! :) Some pics from the night:

I love Brad!

I love Tracy and Kirsten!

Then Saturday was GAME DAY!!!! Again, you would have thought I hadn't been to a game in ages - false. But it felt so good to be back!!! And it was funny how I didn't think twice about drinking at 10am... and then realized that it's really not that normal a thing to do! haha

It was good to be around sooo many sooner/football fans! And to hang out around campus! And I ended up seeing Bradfords last game in Oklahoma!!! Didn't know it at the time, but pretty awesome that I got to be there for it! Well timed, universe.

This blog is going to be picture happy :)

Yay red TOMS!!! Pretty neat that we all have different red ones :)

More love!

Love Lauren Brockman too!

haha. I love our campus. And I can't wait for Tracy and Kirsten to graduate... they know what I mean.

The game was lots of fun and then we took a much needed nap and got ready to go out to campus corner! You know, campus corner may be small, but I do love it. Although the night took a weird turn (unfortunate drink that was just not normal...) I enjoyed the evening very much!

Haha, silly pictures.

On Sunday, we went to this lovely cafe Michelangelo's! It was super fun - relaxing, productive, not productive, yummy, etc. It had all the elements of a good few hours spent on a Sunday with friends.

Yummy! Don't you love a cafe that still cares? Gives you a real cup? Makes you enjoy your drinking experience? I certainly do.

See - look at that expression - thats an expression of productivity! Oh... but I just realized that Tracy is texting... well Carolyn was productive!! haha

Then we made dinner and ate yummy yummy cotton candy! haha

We topped the night off with some cheap drinks at Blu, celebrating Noah's birthday! It was a great way to end it!
haha. good job Brad.

It was a really amazing trip! I loved every minute and it was soooo fun to be back with everybody and in Norman! I miss everybody! I miss Norman!

I'm lucky though, because a have a current situation that I absolutely love and get so excited about, but I also have this wonderful past with amazing people who will continue to be a part of my life forever!

Next post: Happy Halloween!

And yay for falling back this morning!! :)