Sunday, November 13, 2011

fall fun... with dogs!

Fall is my favorite season.  I might say otherwise at the first snowfall, or when flowers begin to bloom, or during carefree hours spent poolside... but despite those wonderful things other seasons offer, I still think fall is my favorite.  

The feeling of fall is so refreshing - crisp and clean.  I love the fashions of fall - whipping out the scarves, boots, argyle, cardigans, etc.  Fall has football, Halloween, and Thanksgiving... all clearly very awesome. 

I wanted to blog about dogs.  But we (Tracy and I) recently took the dogs to Lake Thunderbird for some fall-time fun, so this post will be about both - dogs and fall.  

I live with 4 dogs (3 will be featured here) and I love them SO much!  I know... 4 dogs! haha They bring such happiness and love and loyalty to the home.   Their names are Bruno, Riley, Dan, and Sally.  They are all very sweet and well trained too - I feel like I'm in a good place to learn how to become a great dog owner. 

I wanted to make a video montage of our trip to the lake, but technical difficulties stood in my way. :( 

so here are some highlights:

Introducing Riley, Bruno, and Sally! 

and Tracy.

Playing at Lake Thunderbird

Playing in the water...

T and Sally leaping