Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Attire!

Welcome to my new holiday-themed blogging background! haha. I'm working on a new picture, don't worry.

This is a fake post... on my to do list was
- change blog name (although, I still want a more creative one...)
- change blog background
- blog

2/3 isn't bad for one night eh?

Well... in general life is good, and I'm getting soo excited for the holiday season!

Heather, Alison and I went to see the Rockettes on Saturday and they WERE AMAZING!!!!! Oh my gosh. I LOVE synchronized dancing (Megan...) and I LOVE the holidays - what a more perfect union could I have asked for!

And I saw the tree lit up so nicely! I love all the holiday decorations... oh heck, I just love everything about New York! haha

I need snow boots... I fear the winter. (that was random, yes.)

This weekend I have my work holiday party AND my TFA holiday party! It's going to be such a festive weekend! haha

Quick update, not really saying much, just wanted to check in!


Countdown to best NYC visit: 22 days!!! :)

(PS - I just noticed my posts per month... wow. lame. I need to get on that...)