Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love New York!!

thats it really. I just LOVE NEW YORK! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

New York, New York!

Hello from New York!! :)

So most people only brought enough stuff to move here for the summer and are going back home or having things shipped for the rest... but I couldn't really afford that (and by that I mean not at all) so I brought everything I am going to own basically in two suitcases, one duffle bag, and a backpack.

My last day was an emotional festival haha. Apparently I JUST then realized that I wouldn't get to hang out with everybody anymore and I was going to live so far away and 99% of my life as I had known it for a long time was about to change a lot. I mean, I always knew that, but I hadn't let myself emotionally deal with it... until Saturday haha. I was all upset thinking the only thing in my life that was consistent anymore was clothing... and I could only take like half of that! haha And then my phone was messed up and then my computer broke! But all in all, it was just a silly emotional day that I needed to get out of my system.

So I make it to NYC and I'm at Laguardia airport... and I'm on my way to get a taxi and the only big doors I see are for handicap... so I say - I'm able bodied... I guess I'll have to use these other doors - the only other type of doors I see are those rotation doors... this is a lovely animation of what happenedThat is me - stuck in the revolving doors with my bags. haha I could not move forward. I could not move backward. I was literally stuck in the doors. One employee was sitting in eye shot of me and just watched me for... a while haha. Then his friend came by and they BOTH had to come help me out. I don't even know how it happened! haha. So RIGHT AFTER, the next thing I see is a REGULAR DOOR!!!! hahah Funny story. I laughed.

So yesterday and today has just been a lot of initial meet and greet, general information sessions and the rest of the week will be pretty similar - next week is when we get working reeeally hard. But so far I've met a lot of really nice people and its really fun to kind of feel like this college freshman again - out meeting new people everyday. I've only been here for 24 hours, but it feels like so much longer haha.

I am SO EXCITED to start working in the classroom and start making a difference!
I am SO EXCITED to be living in New York and having so many new experiences!

I miss my old life already... but I'm also loving my new one!

loveyoumeanit. missyoumeanit.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

almost here...

So I had soo much fun this past weekend with you guys! (Brig, I wish you could have been there!) A lot has been said about it, and we all lived it, but I just want to say that it was one of my favorite nights with you all!!! and it was really weird saying goodbye the next morning... its strange because I fee like we're not leaving each other... but we are. But I feel like we're not because I know we'll talk a lot and I'll see you as often as I can! But now I've officially said goodbye to everybody... that is of course, until we see each other again! :)

Point of the story: LOVE YOU!

So Monday Megan and Kirsten and Cailin and I went to Glorias for some food and margs and it was so delightful!! :) I love a relaxing evening out with the girls... and I love me some Glorias margs!

And I heard about a cool language-learning website too! - its totally free and its also got networking aspects to it (kind of like facebook) - so if you want to learn a language or brush up on one you've previously learned, its a great place to check out! I'm going to use it to enhance my french speaking skills :)

So from now on I'll basically just be finishing up pre-institute work and packing... so my next post will probably be from NYC!!!! Its so crazy that in four days I'll get on a plane and then I'll be LIVING in New York. Living there! Not just visiting! Its crazy! I'm so excited!!


Friday, June 12, 2009


I finally have power! yay!! I was in a tent for 5 days and then a house with no power for 3! I love electricity!! And this is going to be a long one... so prepare yourselves.

Colorado was fun! It was a lot colder than I thought it would be actually... and very thin air. haha. I will share the trip via pictures!

our mountain.

our tent.
SKYDIVING!!! sky diving was so much fun!!! I think everybody should do it! and not be afraid of it! It was funny - our instructors were opposites of us. Jessica's was giving her very detailed instructions while mine was goofing around or sleeping... and the only instruction I got was "put your foot there... no, no - there." haha and mine was like this old hippie nomad - much more like Jessica. haha. but Skydiving is soo much fun! :) and it was beautiful doing it right among the Rockies!

We went hiking. And found a big rock. And thats our mountain in the background.

Jessica's first s'more - can you believe that?!?!?!

White water rafting!!!! I had so much fun! haha I was at the front of the boat and got soaked! haha I like our raft guide and I loved the rapids! Megan got a black eye (which I'm sure she'll tell you about)... but it just makes her look tough. (haha a guy in Campo Cafe asked "what did he look like?" haha)

So that's all my pictures, the rest is story time!!

Josh Dawes came to visit us! I tell ya, I could never do what he is doing, but I kind of admire him - so free! He's just living on today and doing what makes him happy! Anyway, it was so good to see him! and feed him. hahaha I love you, Josh (in case you stumble across this blog...)

We went to Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods the next day (Josh came with us!) Pike's Peak was really beautiful and really cold... and I was driving so it was also incredibly nerve-wrecking haha. That mountain is big and windy and steep...
Garden of the Gods was kinda lame... but I think its a great spot for family fun. And the rocks are impressive I guess.

Coors Factory!!! It was actually really interesting and fun and free!! haha I've always enjoyed a good Coors/Keystone/Moon but now I have a good appreciation for the company as well! And enjoyed 3.5 beers on the house! yeah!

Then we finished up with a nice dinner, Seven Falls, and a hotel room!! haha Seven Falls was actually really pretty... and we participated in some Native American dancing! hahaha I thought it was going to be seven waterfalls, but its one waterfall with like seven parts? I don't know, but it was really cool - Megan has pictures.

Favortie part of the trip home: Campo Cafe in Campo, Colorado: population 150 (wikipedia). They had one large table in the middle and people from the town (probably about 20% of the people who live there) come in and sit down together and enjoy a good (cheap) meal over some crop talk. haha. Two guys walked in and one said "its crowded today" and the other replied "yeah, and we got some outsiders" - pointing to us. haha. I loved it. Love you, Campo.

Oh, but that ties with seeing my Norman peeps on the way home. I love me some Norman! I miss it so much, and it has not been enough time for me to miss it this much! haha

So I go the doctor about my knee to find out that my knee cap is slightly off center... so I'm doing physical therapy - thats you Brig!! and the whole time I was with my lady I was thinking about Brigidaire and how one day, she'll be that lady! and how I would love to have her as my physical therapist!

I went to the Flower Mound Family Activity Center and its awesome! I wish they had it when I was a kid. Its a full gym and pool and outdoor play pool and basketball and ping pong and senior citizen center and everything! Good job Parks and Rec!

So Wednesday afternoon/evening a tornado touched down in FloMo! and our neighbor said he saw the funnel pass over our neighborhood. So there has been lots of picking up and sawing of trees, lots of cleaning the yard and pool, and very little power... (but its back now!) It was really nice how it brought the neighborhood together though. Sharing saws... helping with pick up, using extension cords to plug in fridges to houses that had power... and just gossiping about the damages. haha. I'm glad the storm wasn't any worse though! The only thing wrong with our house is that the huge tree in the back yard is leaning on it... so hopefully we'll get that removed soon! Other than that, I've just been spending a lot of time in the dark... haha


I'm sooo excited for Megan's birthday tomorrow!!!!!

oh, and side note - I really wish I was a teenage girl with nothing to do over the summer so I could buy the Sims3 and spend obnoxious amounts of time playing it.


damn that was long...