Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Fun: Poolside!

Spending time at the pool is one of my favorite things about summer and lucky for me, I've been poolside probably 3-5 times a week so far this summer!
Swimming laps is my favorite form of exercise in the summer.
- great full body workout
- expand the lungs
- spend time in the sun & get tan!
I've gotten a lot better at swimming laps too!  Its nice to see yourself improve in things like that. 

C and I have started doing (baby) (reverse) triathlons!
Last week I did the sprint distances - run 3 mi, bike 12 mi, swim 1/2 mi. 
I really enjoy the challenge and its so nice to have cooling off, laying out, and relaxing in the sun be the reward!

But pool time is not all work and no play!

Last weekend C and I had a blast at the pool!  Her dad was in town and we played with a ball (27 volleys!), had races for searching for quarters her dad tossed in the water, and made this synchronized swimming routine! Note: our hair is a hot mess, but we don't care. :)
It was so much fun! Adults don't play like children often enough.  
Why should kids have all the fun?

Today is C's birthday! I took off work so we could play all day - guess where we're headed... to the pool!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thunder From Down Under!

Last Friday, C and I had a very exciting new thing for the week. 
Las Vegas show The Thunder From Down Under came to Sugar Creek Casino in OK... so naturally we had to go.  Best $20 I have spent in a looong time.  It was amazing.  Exceeded all expectations, and by looking at that picture, you can imagine I had high expectations.  Yes - they look exactly like that in real life... if not better.

It was just SO much fun! 

Normally I don't like being in a room filled with screaming women... but this was a fine exception.  Unlike the  arguably creepy/slow sexual nature of female strip clubs, this show kept all the sexy, took out all the creepy, and added in endless entertainment!   The whole time C and I were dancing, laughing, smiling, etc. 

Honestly, I kept thinking I was living in the movie Magic Mike.
They had similar group dances - western, military, gangster, YMCA people... corny, almost impressive, dance moves to pop songs... amazing. 

They also had solo performances and each guy pulled up an audience member for a personal dance on stage.  Some were hilarious... in a sexy way.  They also did an incredible job at getting a wide range of participants - from 70 year old grandma to hot young 20s they got it all.

Oh, and they had Australian accents.  Need I say more?

During a break, they had 3 ladies from the audience come up for a fake orgasm contest.  Think When Harry Met Sally times 10.  Hilarious.

Ladies - add this to your bucket list.
I guarantee you will not regret it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Fun: 1st Edition

I love summertime.
There is a carefree, happy quality that just hangs in the air.  It seems to bring out this energy and excitement - I'm not sure why, but its amazing.

C and I (and friends) have a lot of fun summer plans!  Swimming laps and reading Harry Potter poolside (British accents only), lakes and parks, BBQ's, events around town, etc... the list goes on and on!

Our mini-road trip on Route 66 was really the grand reopening (post coming soon), but this past weekend kept it going strong.

New Computer!

This has absolutely nothing to do with summer... but it is very exciting!  My old computer recently broke and after lots of research, I bought an HP Ultrabook Touch Screen!  She's fancy, she's fun, she's whippy and witty.  She's Jada.  I'm learning about all the features and new software - its quite fun.

Self Defense
Also not so much a summer activity, but new and interesting nonetheless.  My friend Sarah was recently inspired to learn some self defense techniques and Carolyn and I accompanied her to a free trial class.  The ACWA class far exceeded my expectations! And it was a lot of fun.  Our class was focused on parking lot safety... basically what to do if you're attacked while going to your car.  We learned a lot of helpful hints like how to carry your keys, how to get in your car when there is a suspicious vehicle nearby, etc.  And we also learned some easy and doable close combat skills - I now know how to avoid your hold, break your arm, smash your ribs and run away.   We all came away from the class feeling really empowered.  Learning self defense is really valuable... I want to learn more and I'd be happy to pass along the information!

Drive-in Movies
For our new thing of the week, on Saturday night, C, Janie, Derek and I went to the Chief Drive-In Movies in Chickasha, OK.  Not my favorite drive-in location, but still good fun! 
I have always loved the drive-in.  Its this wholesome activity that offers a glimpse into a simpler time.  You get to enjoy the summer nighttime, the stars in the sky, and a double feature for $7.  What beats that?  
We saw Man of Steal (sexy) and The Internship (funny). 
And as usual, the best part is the people you're with. 

Jess and I had lunch and sno cones with Callie!!  It was so good to see her and catch up on life.  The beautiful thing about solid friendships is that you can go months without seeing each other and have it feel like no more than a few days have passed.  I wish we could have spent so much more time together, but it was such a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. I'm so grateful for the 8 years of friendship we have had, and endless years to come. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My leap of faith became much more official as of 10 am. 
I turned in my resignation letter at work...again.  Hopefully this time I won't have to come back a few weeks after the fact and ask for my job back.  

When I resigned in March, I was filled with relief and excitement to move on.
And this time? 
I feel even more relief and excitement to move on!

July 12th - I'm out of here.
20 days left in the office.  
And they will go by much faster with all of our summer conferences.  

Since deciding to go with Plan C, I've made a few more developments. 
A quick update:
I've started the process to get alt. certified to teach elementary - this process might be finished in time to apply for jobs for the upcoming school year, but it might not be.  If it is, I'll apply to jobs as they are available and see what happens.  If not, I'll substitute teach while I continue to figure that out and probably be a waitress or something on the side to supplement the income. 

I owe so much of my excitement and drive for this change to my friends.
They make me believe in myself 10x more than I do on my own. 
Their excitement and support replaces my fears.
They make me believe in risk.
They give me faith it will work out.
They give me security in knowing they'll be there for me if it doesn't. 
Thank you!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Plan C

So far in 2013 I had to cancel a trip of a lifetime, I developed an injury that just leaves my leg constantly aching, my attempts at gardening left me with a seriously violent case of poison ivy, I have two ongoing appeals/battles with my healthcare insurance provider, I've been rejected dozens of times, my computer died, and now I can add to the list that I won't be going to grad school.  I think it's fair to say that I've kind of had a run of bad luck.  If you're going to the casino, don't take me. 

This is not to ignore the shining moments - dozens of great little moments with friends, new things with C (and Jess!), upcoming summer plans, my parents unrelenting generosity, etc. 

But so far this year has been, in a word, disappointing.

So I am officially not going to grad school
I was only accepted to Oregon - denied all financial aid/work study - did not get any of the assistantships I applied for - cannot justify 80k in high interest loans for my expected salary. 
So what now?
Plan C: Move to Colorado and pursue teaching again!

My feelings:

I feel pretty solid and positive about these initial feelings.  I know that as I continue to plan and move on, my feelings of excitement will continue to grow. 

Disclaimer: This is the most haphazard plan I've ever had for my life.
Honestly, I am surprised by my ease and comfort with the haphazardness and risk involved.  All I really know at this point is where and what - Denver, teaching - and no details beyond that.  But that is the benefit of floating without direction... any step forward is still a step forward despite how solid it may or may not be.

Is there a chance I'll crash and burn? Yes. 
Is there a chance this risk will be the best pay-off ever? Yes. 

I am SO EXCITED to move to Denver.  Colorado is so unbelievably beautiful and overflowing with opportunities for adventure and joy.  It has everything I loved about Oregon, minus the coast, but with an amazing friend - Kirsten!!  Kirsten and Preston have already made me feel so welcomed to Denver and more excited with each conversation. 

Since I was a little girl, education has had my heart.  I've honestly thought about going back to the classroom several times since leaving NYC and I feel really comfortable and excited (albeit nervous) about teaching again! 

I'm hoping to turn this year around, and I feel really good about moving forward.
I think Plan C is a solid plan.  And hey - third time's a charm, right?