Monday, February 6, 2012


Friemly (n): \fre-lē\
1. Friend(s) who transcend friendship and cross over to family. 

This past weekend was one of my favorites in a while... and that's saying a lot!  

Our friend Taryn was in town - I say "our friend" but really she is Tracy's friend.  She is one of those people who you meet for an hour and feel like you've known her your whole life.   She has this amazing personality and travels all over the world - I admire her spirit. 

So Tracy, Nick, Taryn, Jessica, Brad and I made a weekend trip down to Dallas to see Megan for her Bachelorette (or "Hen") party.  We met all of Megan's close friends from other stages in her life - some who I knew before and it was really great to see them/get to know them.  

I had soooo much fun!  We all did!  But I don't have any pictures... can't wait to buy my new camera!!

Since I don't have any pics, here is one of my favorite stories from the night:

Mysterious Parking Garage

At the very end of the night, we arrived at the parking garage I had parked at to go back to the hotel.  I specifically wrote down my parking location to make sure there'd be no confusion.  <5th and Commerce, 7th floor - I parked right next to the elevator to make sure the car's location would be perfectly obvious.>  We arrive at 5th and Commerce, and head up to the 7th floor... as we get out of the elevator I don't see me car!  Minor moment of panic sets in until I see that the sign near the elevator says "6th and Commerce"... weird.  So we went into the elevator to try again... and so began a series of elevator rides, getting lost, people hiding (teehee), people popping out of nowhere, and still finding many floors of 5th and Commerce, but unable to locate the much needed 7th floor locale.  Eventually we give up and try trusty the "press the lock button until you hear the beep" technique.  Eventually there was a beep!  We ran towards it only to find - no car.  It must have been above/below us!  So we ran down, still hearing the beep... not finding the car.  Up we ran and eventually - the CAR!!! And where was it located?  Next to the elevator on the 7th floor at 5th and Commerce.   I think we'll always look fondly on that confusing mysterious parking garage...

Its funny how losing your car can be so much fun.

Anyway, this brings me to friemly.  I seem to realize the quality of friemly over and over again in my life, and this weekend was one of those times.  I am so happy that we can reunite - and I wish others could have been there with us.  Whether we were just sitting around chatting or dancing and singing the night away - good friends, or friemly, are what make life worth living.

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends who will undoubtedly be an important part of my life forever.