Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Reflections

First, a celebration: I am done with grad school!!!!! 

My last post was a fresh reflection on the last two years teaching.  I have a few more thoughts, continuing the reflection:

I always knew I grew up in a good home/neighborhood/school/community/etc. but this experience has made me so much more grateful for the things I have been given in my life.  My public education was what all students in this nation deserve.  I was blessed with a strong, positive community.  I had many opportunities that lead me to become the person I am.  I think when we have a good thing, or have been given good things, it is often easy to forget that or take it for granted.  Or we may not even realize how good we do have it.  

Love for Diversity
One thing my upbringing did not allow me as much as I would have liked, however, is a diverse setting.  Living in New York and interacting with so many people who are so different from me has truly made me love   being surrounded by a variety of cultures and people.  

I truly feel like one huge purpose in my life is to be a wife and mother.  This experience has undoubtedly helped me prepare for that role.  My patience and understanding of children is strikingly different.  I honestly think I will be a much better mother, when that day comes.  

It's funny what diverging benefits come from one thing.  What did I expect when I applied almost 3 years ago?  I'm not really sure... but what I got was so much more.