Sunday, June 20, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

one year ago today I moved to NYC

this year has probably made more of an impact on me than any other year in my life. every other change in life seemed to be an extension of the phase that came before it. this year has given a lot of things to me, but it has also challenged me and changed me in many really positive ways, i think.

the end of the school year is kind of crazy.

wrapping up grad school (ugh)

toooons of celebrations and whatnots to attend (woohoo!)

i'm soooo looking forward to the summer. it will be as fun as these nails!
(mine = orange; heather = green)

5 more days!!! 5 more days!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

winding down...

9 days of work.
8 days with kids.
6 days of instruction. (2 are field days! woohoo)

Year 1 almost done.

Everything's winding down.

Reflection time...
(blog coming soon)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

a little bit of nature

Before I start I would just like to say that EVERYBODY NEEDS TO BLOG!!! (except Alisha - you've been good!) It helps me keep up with your lives and it makes me happy. Make today the day - start your blogging again!

Also... do you know how amazing Zip cars are?! They are the best thing maybe ever. I'm so glad I'm a zipster. If you live in a city with zip cars (and you don't have a car yourself) you should totally do zip cars!

Speaking of... last weekend we got a car and went to the Appalachian Mountains! It was a chance to get out of the city, revisit Pawling (love Pawling) and get into some nature.

I'll admit, I was a bit nervous about driving in the city... but it wasn't bad!

We don't have any pictures of the really woodsy parts, but here are some pictures from the trip (provided by Heather - thanks!)
You have NO idea how hard it is to actually find this place... haha We felt very proud.

This would have been a cute picture...
if I wasn't swatting away a bug. I put it up here to show my love/hate relationship with nature. I love it... but I hate the bugs and grossness that comes along with it.

Its amazing that some people go all the way up these mountains... part of me would like to do it some day, but I honestly don't think I could handle it.

It was supposed to rain all day but it didn't actually start raining (and by raining I mean torrential pour) until we were getting ice cream from an adorable local dairy place. Lucky us.

Also, while driving around we found a HUGE abandoned psychiatric hospital that I wanted to endlessly explore and the most precious boarding school for boys. Pretty neat.

And then Natalie and I (and for a little bit Alison) laid out at Pier 1... not the home goods store. Its part of the new extension to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Now, I do wish I had a pool to dip in... but you gotta admit, this is a pretty cool view.
(And next time we'll keep in mind that the sun is a serious thing... put the sun screen on right away. haha)

The countdown: 15 more days of work. 13 more days with kids.