Sunday, September 22, 2013

365 Denver: 41-50

Day 41
Friday, September 13
Kate!! (Best friend from high school.)  Kate's brother had her come out to babysit, so on Friday night, I went to hang out with her - made dinner and chatted for a few hours.  So grateful for her friendship!

Day 42
Saturday, September 14
Ladies night!  Blurry picture haha.

Day 43
Sunday, September 15
Watching the Broncos with Pam and Lauren.

Day 44
Monday, September 16
Smaller class sizes!!!! My school decided to add a fourth Kindergarten class so 7 of my kids were moved in that class and one kid left our school so I now have 21 kids in my class (some are on the playground)!  A few of my biggest behavior problems are gone, making the remaining ones much more manageable.  LOVE smaller class size!

Day 45
Tuesday, September 17
When you're feeling down and low, Chipotle, beer, and Ron Swanson will help pick you up.

Day 46
Wednesday, September 18
Sally says "I hate when you have to do with meeee."

Day 47
Thursday, September 19
Took Sally on a walk on this pretty street by my apartment.
Today was a low... worst emotional day since moving.  It was like all my stress/unhappiness about work and any loneliness from being in a new place flooded at once.  The more appropriate picture would be Harry Potter, wine, and tears. haha But sometimes, a good cry is all you need.

Day 48
Friday, September 20
Felt a lot better after last night and confiding in some friends.
Met up with some of my coworker/friends for ladies night!  Classy cocktails, followed by spastic dancing at a trashy bar, followed by being dipped by the best dipper/dancer ever at a cowboy bar.

Day 49
Saturday, September 21
Met a super nice neighbor/dog - Sally's new friend?!
Super nice weather - took Sally to the park with a friend.
Spent the whole day hanging out with friends around town.
Met up with Kirsten and Preston for a bbq at a friends house!

Day 50
Sunday, September 22
Beer at 10am?  When you're watching Manchester City vs Manchester United, yes.  
Then spent the rest of the day being laaaazzzzzyyyyy (and loving it).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

365 Denver: 31-40

Day 31
Tuesday, September 3
Started a volleyball league!  I've been wanting to do something like this for years so I'm very excited!  It's also nice to bond with friends in a team activities, and nice to have a standing fun event every week!  The location is this warehouse that is filled with sand courts and a bar!

Day 32
Wednesday, September 4
Met up with some friends for margs happy hour and then headed over to this bar to play ping pong!  Bars with games are the best.

Day 33
Thursday, September 5
Working all night is always better with beer and the Broncos!

Day 34
Friday, September 6
Driving to Oklahoma!  I know its boring, but I also think the wide open plains are beautiful.

Day 35
Saturday, September 7
Oklahoma!!!! It was so good to see friends and go to the game!  It made me miss home even more, but it was also really nice to feel so connected.  I wasn't even in town for 24 hours, so it was a unbelievably quick trip.  Can't wait to go back!  

Day 36
Sunday, September 8
Sally is officially a Colorado pup!!!

Day 37
Monday, September 9
Dog park!  Sally is adjusting to not having a yard, but we checked out a dog park close by the apartment and Sally had a blast!

Day 38
Tuesday, September 10
Volleyball night! The team is starting to get more chummy and starting to play better.  Excitement all around.

Day 39
Wednesday, September 11
Birthday celebration!  
Much needed after a long day at work and car accident on the way home.
Most of these people are my coworkers.
I got so lucky with coworkers.

Day 40
Thursday, September 12
Relaxing night in.  Germy kids and lack of sleep makes L sick and cranky.  I was going to do work all night, but I just can't. Mind and body exhausted.  Time for some take out and a movie!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tour De Fat

New Belgium Brewery (maker of Fat Tire) hosts a biking and beer festival called Tour De Fat.
10+ thousand people came out to Fort Collins to dress up in costumes, ride some bikes, and drink some beers.
Molly, her friends Ray and Kim, and I went and had a blast!!
The tour is a one mile parade route.  Its beyond packed, so you more walk your bike than ride it... but it makes for excellent people watching.  Streets are lined with onlookers and house parties.
The weirdest thing I brought with me to CO was my ugly Christmas sweater so I happily (and hotly) rocked it.  Kim and Ray went the "wear a weird combo of weird things from a thrift shop" route - which I appreciated greatly. 
Some people were really creative - there was a man who dressed up as "Up" and made his bicycle into a house, dressed as an old man, and had balloons over him. 

 After the parade, all gather for beer, music, food, etc.  A sea of happy, weird people.  Got some beer tokens, made friends with some Oompa Loompas, and enjoyed some day drinking.
Best costume: Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Hilarious.

Ray and Kim (and everybody else we met) were sooo nice/welcoming/inviting/etc.  A common theme I've found in people here.

I love bikes.
I love beer.
I love costumes.
I love Colorado.

Monday, September 2, 2013

365 Denver 21-30

Day 21
Saturday, August 24
Worked all day... then went out with some work friends AND SARAH! I love how many people come visit Denver. 

Day 22
Sunday, August 25
Yoga therapy - mountain therapy - friend therapy.
OUPS chats fill my heart with so much joy!!  I love that we're still silly and play with the special effect features on Google hangouts and giggle so much.

Day 23
Monday, August 26
First full day with students.
By the numbers:
hours worked - 14
number of students - 29
number of students who didn't have a clue what I said all day long - 8
number of tantrums - 4... at once.
number of meltdowns - 10

In a word? Sigh.

Day 24
Tuesday, August 27
Day 2 with students... in a word? Progress!
I was beyond excited when they remembered what I meant when I asked them to stand up... I couldn't go through another day teaching that ten times. Fewer meltdowns, more excitements... nowhere near perfect, but getting better.

I was also able to finally catch up with my planning (pictured) - all prepared until next Wednesday.  Feels good to be almost caught up. 
Best part? Going home after 12 hours of work and not bringing any work home.  So I could clean my apartment for my first house guest who arrives this weekend!!!

Day 25
Wednesday, August 28
Music festival in Evergreen with Kirsten & Preston!! Going to the mountains after work was like entering a completely different world.  A much more relaxing and fun and wonderful world. 

Day 26
Thursday, August 29
I can't believe that I've already checked off two of my big ticket items for Denver: concert at Red Rocks and going to a Broncos game!!  Preston couldn't use his tickets to that night's game so my friend Lauren and I got to go!!!! (thank yooooou!)  I love how much cheering and enthusiasm Broncos fans have.  I consider myself officially converted to a fan.  

Day 27
Friday, August 30
Feeling very overwhelmed by the task before me with these children.  But then I see the play on the playground or work in these centers together and they show such strong qualities in friendship and exploration and I feel hopeful again. 

Today MOLLY came!! We had a chill night in to gear up for the weekend ahead.

Day 28
Saturday, August 31
In the morning we went to Fort Collins to see some of Molly's friends and go to Tour de Fat... this needs its own post - stay tuned.
OU season opener!! Met up with K/P & Friends at the Denver OU Alumni bar - there are soo many OU fans here!  I love it.
Shenanigans until 3am followed.
I'd say that was a day well lived.

Day 29
Sunday, September 1
Jeep trails!!!  A group of 9 of use went out on some crazy jeep trails.  Legit.
It was the best mountain adventure day.  I can't wait for so many more!!! 
We all camped out at a lake off the jeep trail that night.  I forgot how luxurious car camping could be.  
Good people.  Good nature.  Good adventure.  Good life.
I love Colorado.

Day 30
Monday, September 2
Preston taught me how to shoot a gun!  I used to think I would never so much as hold a gun, but I've changed a bit since then.  And I was surprised at how much fun it was!  
Molly left today :(
And I ended Labor Day weekend with a barbecue at a friend's place.  

Labor day weekend = success x10.