Saturday, August 24, 2013

365 Denver: 11-20

Day 11
Wednesday, August 14
My friend came over and helped me continue the IKEA assembly!

Day 12
Thursday, August 15
Oops... went to meet some coworkers at a bar to do some lesson planning.  Never opened up my curriculum; strolled around Denver to a few different bars.  Just got caught up in the all the fun.  Love my coworkers... but also need to get work done haha. 

Day 13
Friday, August 16
Date night!  Yummy pizza, delicious tiramisu, and a stroll at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens - a lovely "first date".  I wish I had a picture at the gardens instead of this weird spoon-licked picture... oh well.  Good time to note that dating in Denver has been as crazy, full speed as school/apartment/rest of life. Crazy times.

Day 14
Saturday, August 17
Hiking!! Today was 100% full of "I'm so glad I live here" moments.  I met up with a coworker/friend Annie, her boyfriend and his two friends and drove out to Boulder area for a hike.  We got to the top of the mountain (altitude was killing my lungs), and enjoyed beers we packed up.  Then we decided to go off trail, hike around the rim and get back to the car via a trail on the other side.  Looping is always more fun.  we got to see some bonus glacial lakes and bushwhacked through some terrain.  16 miles later, we headed back into town to enjoy a beer at a local brewery.  I loved the hike.  I loved the people.  I loved the day.

Day 15
 Sunday, August 18
Brett and Amy were in town for a wedding so we met up at Snooze for some brunch! Yummmmmm I love snooze... and I love that it is walking distance from my apartment!

Day 16
Monday, August 19
Making progress on my classroom... still a hot mess, but finally feeling a little more in my control.  

Day 17
Tuesday, August 20
A (new) friend came over to help my last IKEA assembly!  In the end, he installed the shelf while I went and got thai food.  I'm so lucky to have found so many handy men willing to help me with my furniture. :)  Pictured is the bottle of local whiskey he brought me as a housewarming gift.  We enjoyed some beverage time up on the rooftop post-IKEA. 

Day 18
Wednesday, August 21
My friend Pat had an extra ticket to see Fun. at Red Rocks... I had originally planned on working all night but are you kidding me? I could not pass that up!  Ever since I heard about Red Rocks I knew I had to go to a concert there.  And may I say - worth all the hype.  It was a gorgeous night at an amazing venue, carved out by nature and fully embraced by artists and fans alike.  We had such a great time! 

Side note: I also met my kiddos and families at school today.  Biggest takeaway: learn Spanish.

Day 19
Thursday, August 22
Date night #2 - beers and bowling.  I love bowling.  I am normally really bad at it, but love it anyway... but I had some date magic going on.  I was getting strikes and spares all over the place!  Top night.

Day 20
Friday, August 23
Welcome to working on a Friday night.  This is what happens when you have play dates during the week.  But honestly, I don't mind it - feels good to have a productive night in.  Also, super excited about setting up my wireless internet and wireless printer! Getting all kinds of fancy and adult-like in here. 
Also proud of myself because I went to happy hour with coworkers after work and unlike the last two times, stayed for one hour and went on with my evening.  Good job me.  Also - love love love my coworkers.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

365 Denver: 1-10

I decided to document my first year living in Denver, one day at a time.
As life goes, many will be mundane... but many will be amazing.

Day 1
Sunday, August 4
After spending the weekend loving NYC, I hopped on the plane - one way ticket style.  Big thanks to my parents for driving my belongings/car up to Denver and picking me up in the airport! Excited, yet very anxious - I start work at 8am tomorrow morning!

Day 2
Monday, August 5
Work retreat in the mountains for some "getting to know you" with the coworkers (love Colorado).  Overall, I really do love the staff I'll be working with.  Generally they are young, fun, and dedicated to serving the kids.  High hopes for the school year... and high hopes for successful happy hours.

Day 3
Tuesday, August \6
Move-in day!  Got back from the retreat just in time to move in to my apartment.  Kind of exhausting, kind of overwhelming, but good to have a home.  Nothing unpacked, no bed to sleep on, but Chipotle and beer makes for a decent night anywhere.

Day 4
Wednesday, August 7
Internet!!! Is it sad that this was the most exciting part of the day? Either way - I'm happy to say that internet acquirement in Denver beat NYC by a good 6 weeks.  #success.

Day 5
Thursday, August 8
Woke up grumpy.  Exhausted from work/apartment whatnot... in great need of some coffee, I stopped in at my neighborhood Starbucks.  The baristas were SO nice! Totally turned around the start of my day.

Side note: I also went to buy a bed today - found a mattress store with a keg.  Had a beer while bed shopping. Is there a better way?

Day 6
Friday, August 9
After work, I had planned on working on my apartment.  A coworker convinced me to go out to happy hour at a bar by the school - I agreed to go for one beer... 4 bars later at 1:30 in the morning I happily returned home.  Pleasantly surprised by the night - loving getting to know my coworkers and see the city.

Day 7
Saturday, August 10
T & Nick were in town so we all (+Kirsten, Preston, and Karen) went out for brunch!  We went to Snooze and it was delicious!  T & Nick came over and helped me find my bearings around my apartment complex too which was nice!  Today I also got my bed and ordered all of my furniture at IKEA.  And then headed up to Evergreen to celebrate Preston's birthday!  Full day to say the least.  Learned three things:
1. Love/hate relationship with IKEA: love IKEA; hate navigating the warehouse solo.
2. Love having friends visit!!
3. Love living close to Kirsten & Preston!!

Day 8
Sunday, August 11
IKEA furniture delivered. Lucky for me, a friend of mine came over to help me start to put things together.  Also, T & Nick and the friend all met up for an afternoon porch brewski - love love love all around.

Day 9
Monday, August 12
The IKEA assembly continues with the completion of the couch!  My apartment is really starting to feel like a home and I am loving it!

Day 10
Tuesday, August 13
This picture partially encompasses half of my daily stress level.  Not only does is my apartment a constant work in progress, my classroom is a shit show.  Legit.  And this is after the work had started.  I have about 10 boxes of extra books that don't apply, too many desks that I don't need, too little desks/chairs that I do, 8 years worth of the former teacher's crap mixed up everywhere, and all the new curriculum piled around too.  Its a hot mess.  And we are in meetings all day long so very little time to work on it... streeesssful. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I and Love and You

Living in New York was a profound experience – it shaped my life more so than any other time or place.  No other city in the world quite compares, and I developed a strong love-hate relationship with the way of life here.  I’m glad that now I not only visit the city with ease, having more interest in friends and memories than in museums and sights – but in my visits, I can soak in only the great love, leaving the hate behind.  I can look at an overcrowded intersection and appreciate the hustle and bustle, the diversity, the chaos, and the benefit of public transportation without being annoyed, exhausted, and focused on the potential interruptions to my busied afternoon.  I can reminisce and relive and relove. 
I came to NYC to celebrate the amazing union of two of my favorite people in the world – Emilie and Lyndsey.  Their relationship should be a case study for kindness, compassion, and love. 
Reasons why weddings are my favorite:
  •  It is truly amazing to watch two people vow to love each other through thick and thin till the day they die.  I am overjoyed to see people I care so deeply about celebrate in such happiness and love – a moment unlike any other. 
  • The timeline and story of their life is told by the significant players from all different phases and aspects of their life are gathered together to celebrate them.  It is a joy to meet these people and it allows you to gain a greater understanding of your friend.
  •  Lately, for me, attending weddings has also been an opportunity for reunions. This wedding reminded me of the amazing friendships I made in NYC.   And outside of the wedding I was also able to see Terry and some friends from work!  I have always been blessed by wonderful people, and NYC gave me some damn good ones.
  •  Good food – good drinks – good music – good people – party dress on – can’t go wrong.

This trip to NYC was a fantastic reunion.  A reunion and places and people.  And since I had to cut the trip short, it didn’t even scratch the surface… so I’ll just have to visit again soon!  J