Saturday, January 30, 2010


I just want to be healthy. I no longer feel miserable, but I don't feel healthy. I almost forget what it feels like... come back to me health! I want energy! I don't want to blow my nose every 5 minutes! I want energy!

That's not the exciting part, believe it or not. Four exciting things:

1. As a result of being sick, Heather and Alison are highly potentially moving to Brooklyn! To live with me!! Yay!!! I love Brooklyn, and now so do they. And the love will just continue to grow.

2. I was talking to Tracy about how I had a lot more time to think in my sickness, and I feel like I did a lot of healing in my heart. I feel like I had moved on, but I wasn't healed. And now I feel healed. That's really vague... but good all the same!

3. February starts my monthly resolution of keeping in touch with friends better! Each day, I will strive to do something social - whether its just a quick chat on facebook or text or a nice 30 minute catch up convo. Get ready friends - its going to be a good month!

4. I'm also starting my weekly recipe (which was put on hold because of the sickness). I want to cook more, so I'm going to! Each week I will make one new dish - and blog about it for fun and accountability!

And a random note: if you haven't seen The Blind Side, you should - its one of my new favorite movies!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


What's new in life? Well, not much... I've been sick for the past 10 days or so. I've watched a lot of online television while falling asleep in what OUPS discovered to be my play pen. I ate a lot of soup and drank an incredible amount of water.

I owe a huge shout out to Heather and Alison who came and took care of me and made me feel happy sick! :) I was at a low point... and they made it much better!

Did you know goldfish loooove to swim in tomato soup? Yum...

But I'm almost fully recovered! Yay!! I can't wait to be completely healthy again!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First of many...

Never too late to blog about Christmas, right? haha

This was my Christmas Eve - sleeping on a cot provided by the lovely American Airlines in DFW airport (yes, minutes from my parent's home haha) Here are some things that I pondered on my extended time at the airport:
- What may seem like a bad situation can often not be fixed, so you might as well have some fun with it, if you can. (like drinking in an airport bar with other stranded people)
- Bad situations often bring people together. I thought it was interesting that on the whole trip people were walking along this fine line between being grumpy and complaining and embracing it as my first point suggests - to my surprise 99% of people I encountered on this Christmas Eve (all of whom wanted to be with loved ones) chose the latter. It was delightful to see that level of positivity in people.
- Its almost strange how much we open up to people when traveling. When meeting someone 'at home' I am probably one of the more open and friendly people... but in traveling, I find that most people are much more willing to open up and let you into their world. Theres a sense of freedom in knowing that you're stuck with that person and you can make a fun, yet brief connection without having to worry about adding them into our already complicated lives. (This is definitely not to say that I want to live like Up In the Air... but an interesting thing to note).

And then I made it!
It was really refreshing to see my family - I hadn't seen my brother since last Christmas (crazy!) and everybody else either since last Christmas or around graduation. It was short, but sweet. Very nice to see everybody, and I'll admit, it did make me wish I lived
closer to family. (I don't really think I've ever said that before haha)

Here are some presh pics:
Me and Tori (cousin)
All the cousins and Granny
Its nice to be reminded how blessed I am.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello 2010!

Welcome to my new blog look! Just wanted to say that in 2010 I want to do a few things. One of them is keep in touch with friend more (and that includes blogging more!) I, like Megan, would also like to add more thoughts to the blog instead of just events.

Needless to say, I'm behind on blogging. Here are some topics to look forward to:
- Christmas
- OUPS in NYC (if not physically, surely in spirit!)
- Back to school...
- Julia Gilbert

For today, I just wanted to make the beautifications to the blog, but look forward to updates coming soon!