Thursday, January 30, 2014

365 Denver: 171-180

Day 171
Tuesday, January 21
Field trip to the Butterfly Pavilion.

Day 172
Wednesday, January 22
work work work.... disheartening work

Day 173
Thursday, January 23
Went to a place called Beauty Bar with the ladies to celebrate a friends birthday. It was one of the weirdest bars I've ever seen... dive bar meets glitter and tacky decorations, manicures, a television fashion show watch party, then a Motown DJ with free chicken and waffles.  Fun night in a strange place.

Day 174
Friday, January 24
Super disheartening day at work... then kicked out of the building before I could finish all that I needed to do.  But then I went and had a lovely happy hour with some coworkers.  Somebody joked that the staff is so tight knit because the school is such a mess... and I agree.  But more than that, they are truly people who I would call a friend if we met at the park.  And for that, I am very lucky. 
Then, I had delightful birthday chocolate and wine with your classic "I hate my job" movie. 

Day 175
Saturday, January 25
A lovely day exploring Winter Park!
I did (and always do) enjoy my brief escape from civilization.

Day 176
Sunday, January 26
Ice golf!  Put-put on a frozen lake!
It was incredibly windy so we didn't make it far... but still had a blast!

Day 177
Monday, January 27
My key chain broke, and my exterior door key fell off.  I discovered this, of course, while letting Sally out in 10 degree weather at 6:00am.  A neighbor finally let me in at 7:20.   Not an ideal way to start the week...

Day 178
Tuesday, January 28
Yet another horrible day at work... I cried on my way home.  But that is one of my favorite things about volleyball nights!  I get to be a different person, pretend that none of it exists, and have fun with friends playing volleyball.  Its the best.

Day 179
Wednesday, January 29
Today was a glimmer of light in the darkness that is work.  I was selected by our nutrition program to be the formal observation for our school.  It went so well - the kids were great, the reviews were glowing, we had fun, etc.  It reminded me that I am a good teacher, that I can be a good teacher, and that I can love teaching. 
We got a grant to hire a paraprofessional to help our classrooms... which has been great for all the other K classrooms.  My para, however, adds way more stress and work to my life.  So today, I took 2 hours to write him step by step instructions and expectations for the entire day... which of course was basically ineffective... but we try.

Day 180
Thursday, January 30
I didn't have hot water the past two days, but now I do! Yay!!
Expected 6-12 inches of snow tonight... snow day tomorrow??

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

365 Denver: 161-170

Day 161
Saturday, January 11
Couldn't go skiing because my tendinitis has been killing me, but Sally and I enjoyed a nice day at the park.  Then my friend and I went to see American Hustle - I hadn't been to a theatre in a long time so it felt fun and different. 

Day 162
Sunday, January 12
Watching the Broncos at a friend's house.
I feel so grateful for the friendships I've been lucky enough to establish here.
We looked through some of my friend's photos and videos of various adventures in CO and it reminded me why I wanted to live here, why I love living here, and inspired me to never forget it.

Day 163
Monday, January 13
Went to see a friend play bluegrass at a new and delicious brewery right by school!
I love musicians.

Day 164
Tuesday, January 14
Volleyball night!  We switched a league of 6's (but we're playing with 5) and it is a lot more chill and fun.  I have high hopes. 

Day 165
Wednesday, January 15
After work, enjoyed an evening of errands around the house along with some good music.

Day 166
Thursday, January 16
Getting nails done!  Hideous photo for so much pampering.

Day 167
Friday, January 17
Night in with my lady friends... playing guitar hero!!!!

Day 168
Saturday, January 18
BEAUTIFUL day on the slopes!
I skied with music for the first time and it was a game changer.  It was just the right amount of distraction to keep me confident on the harder runs.
Tonight we went out to Linger - a pretty unique bar - to celebrate the upcoming birthday.
Fun day!

Day 169
Sunday, January 19
Broncos tailgating! SUCH a blast hanging out with friends and celebrating the Bronco victory!

Day 170
Monday, January 20
Super sweet birthday flowers.
My day mostly consisted being hungover, hanging out, and doing laundry.  But my friends/family near and far made me feel special and loved - and that's all you can ask for. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

365 Denver: 151-160

Day 151
Wednesday, January 1
Hair of the dog followed by a lazy day of watching Dexter.

Day 152
Thursday, January 2
Watching the Sugar Bowl at the OU bar in Denver.  BOOMER SOONER!!

Day 153
Friday, January 3
Another day spent nursing the hangover with Dexter.
Then we went to Punch Bowl Social at night.
Denver is full of so many fun places.  It really is a fantastic city for young adults.

Day 154
Saturday, January 4
Volleyball tournament!  The asshole on our team bailed out half-way through because we lost our first game... such a pathetic adult tantrum.  But the rest of us celebrated our losses with beer and football. :)

Day 155
Sunday, January 5
Skiing.  At the bottom of the mountain it felt like -25... I was freezing, sore, tired, and grumpy, so I left after about 2 hours.  Can't win 'em all.

Day 156
Monday, January 6
Back to work...  very disheartening.  Today I was emotionally defeated.  The work is never done, I always feel guilty for what more could be done, all the work that does get done goes largely unappreciated (and often times destroyed by shitty and disrespectful behaviors), and no matter what I do, too many of them will still be behind their suburban peers who come into school knowing that letters are different from numbers and the color red is called red.  

Day 157
Tuesday, January 7
Welcome back, kiddos.  One teacher was absent so they divided her class between us, so I had 21 boys and 6 girls... and they were a hot mess.  You could not have gotten me out of school fast enough.  Today, I hated teaching.

Day 158
Wednesday, January 8
Work could not have been more of a contrast... I loved teaching, loved the kids, loved the school, etc.  It is striking how differently I feel about my job on any given day. 
One of my resolutions was to cook through a cookbook - Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home. 
More like Martha #2: Hoisin Glazed Hen, Citrus Cashew Salad, and Jasmine Tea Kiwi.

Day 159
Thursday, January 9
Worked all night... could not wait to get in bed with Harry.
Sally couldn't wait either!

Day 160
Friday, January 10
After a draining week, pizza, beer, and a movie was the perfect Friday night.
And skyping with Brad for a few hours!! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

365 Denver: 141-150

 Day 141
Sunday, December 22
Got nails done, did some Christmas shopping, and wrapped all my gifts!

Day 142
Monday, December 23
Packing... Sally says "Can I come?"

Day 143
Tuesday, December 24
I love flying - and I love flying more with friends! Pre-flight bloody marry!

Day 144
Wednesday, December 25
Merry Christmas!

Day 145
Thursday, December 26
Cousin game night!

Day 146
Friday, December 27
Pook & Sally say "Welcome home!!!!"
I have always been pretty lucky with the people I encounter in travelling - today I met two awesome people on the flight home.  

Day 147
Saturday, December 28
I tried snowboarding for the first time!

Day 148
Sunday, December 29
Winter Park with Kirsten & Preston!

Day 149
Monday, December 30
Skiing in Copper... ended early because I got pretty sick.  The rest of the day was spent with tea, soup, and Netflix.

Day 150
Tuesday, December 31
Piano bar excitement.