Thursday, March 27, 2014

365 Denver: 221-230

Day 221
Wednesday, March 12
Kiddos being adorable for our nutrition lesson.  They were pretending to be on a cooking show.

Day 222
Thursday, March 13
Literacy night at school... 0 parents came.  The one parent who expressed interest, but had a time conflict, has the highest student in class. The lack of parental involvement is very disheartening... it takes a village, and I often feel kind of alone.

Day 223
Friday, March 14
I randomly got to attend a conference today - a day with adults!!  Meanwhile, shit was going down at school... sigh. 
Out with the crew for Pam's 30th birthday!!

Day 224
Saturday, March 15
St. Patrick's Day shenanigans.

Day 225
Sunday, March 16
Beer & biking all around town on these rented bikes on a beautiful, sunny day!

Day 226
Monday, March 17
Some R&R from the weekend.

Day 227
Tuesday, March 18
Volleyball night.

Day 228
Wednesday, March 19
Sally's been sick for a while, but she regained health just in time for some time at the park on this gorgeous afternoon!

Day 229
Thursday, March 20
Writing the last blog post 9 days late... this current post is late too!  March has been a crazy month.  A lot of that crazy is good, and some bad... but overall I'm looking to find a better balance in April.

Day 230
Friday, March 21
Pup sitting! I love Lily.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

365 Denver: 211-220

Day 211
Sunday, March 2
A day frolicking with C, Derek, and friends!

Day 212
Monday, March 3
Dinner with the Gubelins - I love the Gube-clan!

Day 213
Tuesday, March 4
If it's Tuesday, it must be a volleyball picture! haha But for good reason - consistently the best part of Tuesdays.

Day 214
Wednesday, March 5
Field trip day!  We saw a play and got a backstage tour.

Day 215
Thursday, March 6
Delicious mac 'n cheese with Kirsten and Alisha!!

Day 216
Friday, March 7
I was supposed to have the day off to hang out with Alisha & friends, but my school took it back.  They suck.  But I enjoyed happy hour with friends before meeting up with the crew for dinner.

Day 217
Saturday, March 8
Apres-ski shenanigans in Breck with the best.

Day 218
Sunday, March 9
Enjoyed a beautiful day in the park!  Wash park is swamped with people mid-20-30s, hanging out, playing games, and loving life.  Its like a really young, active, fun Central Park full of adorable dogs. 

Day 219
Monday, March 10
It was just too beautiful not to happy hour outside.

Day 220
Tuesday, March 11
Volleyball, of course.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

365 Denver: 201-210

Day 201
Thursday, February 20
This is my go-to salad lately.  Romain lettuce, celery, and dill shrimp.  So tasty that no dressing is needed!

Day 202
Friday, February 21
Bad day at work had me feeling angry... but happy hour with these fools made me so much happier.

Day 203
Saturday, February 22
Took my teaching exam today (aced it), and enjoyed dinner/drinks to celebrate a friend who is moving away.  I was happy to get the chance to hang out with this gal (and her husband) outside of work!

Day 204
Sunday, February 23
Relaxing day with Sal - long walk around the neighborhood checking out cool houses and adorable family time.  I am loving the longer days and warmer weather!  
The afternoon was full of skyping with Brad & Jacob! I love my random Skype times with Brad!
Tonight was strange... getting stood up  turned into hanging out with some fun people - so glad I'm outgoing! haha

Day 205
Monday, February 24
Highlight of the day: working on our new tricks! Lay down will soon be play dead, and human (stand up) will soon be antelope.  We like the weird tricks.

Day 206
Tuesday, February 25
Classic volleyball pic.

Day 207
Wednesday, February 26
Working out - I got a glimpse of my apartment's Wednesday night yoga class and decided to give it a try next time I'm free on a Wednesday!

Day 208
Thursday, February 27
Highlight of the day: watching Sal play with her toys.

Day 209
Friday, February 28
Happy hour fun times!

Day 210
Saturday, March 1
Great powder day with Kirsten and Preston and then out with the ladies (AND C!!!) at some fun, weird bars in town.