Thursday, May 22, 2014

365 Denver: 281-290

Day 281
Sunday, May 11
What a day!  Doggie date and catching up with a friend I haven't seen in a long time, burgers and shakes, book store perusing, afternoon movie, dinner with friends, and bouldering shenanigans at Joe's.  Fulfilling ending to the weekend.

Day 282
Monday, May 12
Had a shitty day... so bought myself some flowers!  They did the trick and cheered me right up. 

Day 283
Tuesday, May 13
SO GLAD these guys got a team together at volleyball.  Adds a whole new dynamic pre/post games!

Day 284
Wednesday, May 14
Happy hour became bingo... and I won twice!

Day 285
Thursday, May 15
Ridiculous day at work... so glad to get on this plane and get out of there.
Also, I love airports!  Had a drink with a nice fella I met in the security line and sat next to a delightful person on the plane. 

Day 286
Friday, May 16
Rehearsal dinner!  Fun night spent with the bridal party.

Day 287
Saturday, May 17
Welcome to the family, Amy!
My brother's wedding was beautiful and the most fun I've had with family.  It was great to meet my brother's (and Amy's) friends - it allowed me to get to know them in new ways.  Also, it was fun to see both sides of my parent's family and some old family friends in the same place.  I had a lovely time!

Day 288
Sunday, May 18
Travel day back to Denver.  I love coming home to this place!! Lauren picked me up in the airport and then we had some dapper potatoes for dinner. 

Day 289
Monday, May 19
Big time Monday grumps cured by the beautiful weather and youthful, active spirit of Wash Park.  SalPal and I enjoyed a lovely run!

Day 90
Tuesday, May 20
Randomly decided to work out in the apartment a little bit before volleyball and Sally stared at me like this the entire time... hilarious.  "What the hell are you doing, mom?!"

Monday, May 19, 2014

365 Denver: 271-280

Day 271
Thursday, May 1
Rockies game with work!  It was a gorgeous day and I had a blast.

Day 272
Friday, May 2
 K/1 picnic.  This was my idea and it was a huge success, so I was pretty pleased.  It was a bright moment in what is often a sea of darkness at work.
Tonight we went to a Hawaii theme surprise birthday party for a friend!   

Day 273
Saturday, May 3
Cinco/Birthday party for Joe!

Day 274
Sunday, May 4
CP brunch and Wash Park funtivities!

Day 275
Monday, May 5
Sally begrudgingly wishes you a happy Cinco de Mayo! 

Day 276
Tuesday, May 6
Volleyball, of course!

Day 277
Wednesday, May 7
At first I was bummed that I forgot bread at the store, but these lettuce wraps were the most delightful mid-day treat! New favorite lunch.

Day 278
Thursday, May 8
Happy hour (turned 1am haha) at a new favorite spot! 

Day 279
Friday, May 9
CP shot-ski and an all around great night!

Day 280
Saturday, May 10
Pool day!  We ended up getting rained out, but a fun day spent with friends!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

365 Denver: 261-270

Day 261
Monday, April 21
Martha meal - delicious and quick, but did not keep well for leftovers - and watching Girls!

Day 262
Tuesday, April 22
New rug from Donor's Choose!!  I'm so grateful for all the generous donations.  Structure goes a long way with these crazy little ones.

Day 263
Wednesday, April 23
Piddling around on the ol' flute.  
I will forever be grateful for my talent and love for music.

Day 264
Thursday, April 24
Field trippin' at the Wildlife Experience.  My favorite field trip so far!  And they have some fun adult, after hours activities that I intend to check out in the future.
After work, my friend Avery and I went on a run in Wash Park and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL spring weather.
Followed up by a quick happy hour with friends and relaxing at home with Sally. 
Awesome day.

Day 265
Friday, April 25
Happy hour pleasantries. 

Day 266
Saturday, April 26
Comcast Cares Day at school.  Comcast sponsored our school in a community service/beautification project.  Hundreds of volunteers came out to redo our playground and landscaping.
I left early to go to our volleyball tournament - we got 3rd place!

Day 267
Sunday, April 27
Movie matinee with Lauren! We saw The Other Woman, which I fully expected to be awful, but actually enjoyed.

Day 268
Monday, April 28
Monday blues 100% cured by the kind, friendly faces at my neighborhood coffee shop, Steep.

Day 269
Tuesday, April 29
Much needed reorganizing and cleaning of the closet/apartment!

Day 270
Wednesday, April 30
Lately I've committed to working out at least 1 hr 5-6x/wk, and I have been really happy with how I've expanded my workouts.  It's easier to motivate myself to workout here - everybody is super fit and I know it will help on my adventures like rock climbing and hiking 14ers. 
Today I had a great workout that ended right was yoga was starting, so I did an hour of yoga too!  I needed the stretching, but also needed the meditative spirit of yoga.  "Love yourself - everything that you can't do, and everything that you can; everything that you aren't, and everything that you are."