Friday, November 22, 2013

365 Denver: 101-110

 Day 101
Tuesday, November 12
Field trip to the Children's Museum of Denver!  Most teachers, myself included, have a love-hate relationship with field trips.  Today was a love-hate day, but its cute to see the kiddos so excited about everything and anything.  Who knew riding the bus and dressing up like a firefighter was so amazing?

Day 102
Wednesday, November 13
Stitches removal by Kirsten with help from favorite nurses T & C and supporters Derek and Mist.  Kirsten did such a fantastic job!  And although it was brief, it was so great to see the OK crew.  Later that night I skyped with Molly which was equally as lovely!

Day 103
Thursday, November 14
Dinner with/by J.  Recipes may not be his forte, but it was a yummy, funny night. 

Day 104
Friday, November 15
A bar we frequent advertised having an 80s ski party... so we dressed up! ...and were the only ones who did. haha  Obviously we were the coolest people there.

Day 105
Saturday, November 16
Ski day #3.  Beautiful snowy powder day!  
Followed by hot tubbing and watching Hot Tub Time Machine. 

Day 106
Sunday, November 17
90 minute wait for a delicious Snooze brunch?  No problem - corn hole, uno, thumb war,etc.  Sometimes it's not where you are or what you're doing, it's the people you're with who make it fun.

Day 107
Monday, November 18
Sally says "stop doing work" in her adorable new cable knit sweater.

Day 108
Tuesday, November 19
No voice. At all. All day. Tea.

Day 109
Wednesday, November 20
Sally reads Harry Potter.

Day 110
Thursday, November 21
Snow!  Excited for the first real snowy day of the season.

Monday, November 11, 2013

365 Denver: 91-100

Day 91
Saturday, November 2
Watched a soccer game, checked out a new brewery - Jagged Mountain (pictured) - with delicious beers and fun games, house party, and ended the night dancing the night away to celebrate Kirsten's birthday! Fun fun fun.

Day 92
Sunday, November 3
Park!  Beautiful fall day!  Found my favorite tree by the lake with the mountains in the background. Read some HP with Sal Pal - then she chased a million squirrels and was once again adored by all.  J met me and we lounged, played bananagrams, and tossed the football.  Then sushi dinner and skyping with Heather, Carolyn, and Misty.  Perfect!

Day 93
Monday, November 4
Boggle and delicious soup on a chilly day.
I dominated in boggle, btw.

Day 94
Tuesday, November 5
Just too cold to run outside... so checked out the apartment gym for the first time!  Happily surprised to find TVs on every machine!

Day 95
Wednesday, November 6
Skyping with Brad!  We had some technical difficulties, but the love was there all the same. 

Day 96
Thursday, November 7
Horrible day at work... made better by a fun evening with Kirsten, Preston, J, and Lauren watching OU (get demolished) play football!

Day 97
Friday, November 8
Decided to buy a ski pass! Excitement.  Went to the ski expo for some seriously discounted gear, met up for a beer and games with friends, and had a delicious dinner at an Ethiopian place called Arada (pictured) with Sarah who was visiting in town again!

Day 98
Saturday, November 9
1st day on the slopes... fail.
Wipe out turned into 4 stitches... but remained in good spirits and excited, albeit nervous to go again soon!
Despite the setback, I had a great day with Kirsten and Preston!

Day 99
Sunday, November 10
Girls on the Run 5K!
Every little girl is paired with a teacher/adult mentor to run with them on this 5k promoting girl empowerment.  Followed by brunch (yum - Denver Biscuit Company!) and a day of errands. 

Day 100
Monday, November 11
100 Days!!!! Crazy.
Ski Day!
No school for Veteran's Day = day 2 on the slopes and no injuries! haha It was a really fun day hanging out with friends, getting in lots of runs, and regaining some confidence. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

365 Denver: 81-90

Day 81
Wednesday, October 23
Dealing with my flat tire.  "Should be about 30-45 minutes" turned into a long 3 hour wait...

Day 82
Thursday, October 24
Lauren brought me lunch today and I came home to this present waiting for me from J!  Lifted my spirits and reminded me how lucky I am to have found people who care about me here.

Day 83
Friday, October 25
Bull & Bush with my uncle & aunt.  I had't seen them in years, so it was nice to catch up.

Day 84
Saturday, October 26
Halloween celebration!... turned drunken crying emotional mess.  Oops...

Day 85
Sunday, October 27
work work work with Lauren

Day 86
Monday, October 28
I have been pretty depressed lately so after work I wanted to drive into the mountains to see beauty, clear my mind, and remember why I moved here again.... and I drove into fog so thick visibility was limited to the car in front of me.  Pretty symbolic - surrounded by beauty and all the things that I love about being here, but unable to see any of it.

Day 87
Tuesday, October 29
Volleyball night - and the first time we truly clicked and bonded as a team.  We stayed after our games to drink some beer and wait for an open court to just play around together. 

Day 88
Wednesday, October 30
Hocus Pocus & thai food. 

Day 89
Thursday, October 31
Hung out with a new friend from work, Avery.  I'm very grateful for the friendship I'm developing with her.  Then went over to Lauren's for delicious dinner, "salad" (wine), and some scary movies!

Day 90
Friday, November 1
Parent Teacher Conferences... all. day. long.  First conference at began at 7:20 am, last conference ended at 7:25 pm.