Sunday, March 21, 2010


I love the people I work with. I feel like it was the perfect transition after college - a group of people around the same age with similar interests. Since I live alone and have relatively few friends in the city, I am so lucky to have people at work that I can genuinely call my friends.

I still don't know how to upload YouTube videos... I'm behind on this technology. But watch this to see how awesome our school is. This was at a professional development event that gathers all AF teachers/staff from CT and NY. Each school performs a "cheer" and this was ours. It was a fun moment and fun experience with my coworkers. (Yes, I have a small singing part in the beginning... ignore that and watch the rapping sections!)

AFENY = awesome.

Oh and SPRING IS HERE!!! (Too bad for you OK/TX with your snow?! wtf...)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

resolutions and thoughts

How did my February resolution go?
Well... pretty good I guess. I did do something social every day, but I think what I realized was that I need more than a little convo or sending a note, etc. I need real, up front human interaction. I think part of it is that I work with kids all day and I crave more adult human interactions. Little short term steps - things to consider for longer terms.

What is my March resolution?
I'm doing okay at this... but when I do it right I feel really great about it! Work-Life separation. I cannot do work at home. I'll stay late at work or bring "work home" but I have to go somewhere else to do it. This way home is a relaxing, fun, happy place!

One of my work "personal priorities" that I'm working on my growth in is playing my flute. I have a chart at work and I have to play at least 2 hours every week. Its been really nice and really ...eye opening at the same time. I love playing so much, and it has really been my one major passion in life. I'm really glad to be playing more again.

In a way, however, it is a reminder that I'll never know if I made the right decision. I am happy now, and I genuinely think I'm more of a complete person... but I miss that part of my life. And in a way, its kind of comforting to have something define you.

Its made me realize too, that I got a lot of my confidence as a person from playing. I think its the only thing that I have ever felt really comfortable saying "I'm good at ______"... and even then I had some doubts. All in all, I have realized that I am in many ways a person who lacks confidence. We should all be confident - be aware of what we're good at and be proud of that. To not be ashamed of who we are - recognizing our flaws, but also proudly saying our strengths. Something for me to think about... and apparently blog about ;)

Oh, and... I'm going to Ireland in 17 days!!!!!!!!