Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, how is life in Norman?   Well, it is wonderful.  

Norman has been so surprisingly comforting.  A comfort that I didn't know I needed until I had it.  New York brought on a lot of anxiety and other negatively charged words/emotions to me that I hadn't really recognized,  and being in Norman is cleansing me of them.  I love being in my old town, surrounded by football lovers and that smaller town, southern(ish) charm.  Even though many-most have moved on, I still get to see a lot of old friends, which is one of the absolute best parts. 

Living with T & C has been so lovely!  I love chatting and laughing with them a lot.  Surprisingly, I really like living with 4 dogs too! haha They add a lot of life and activity to the house, which I love.  Plus they get SO excited to see you, and uncontrollably excited when its time to go on a walk.  Its so beautiful how easily pleased dogs can be. :)  
The house is beautiful too - I feel so lucky to have this backyard.  

How's work?  Well, it is a lot more boring, much less eventful, slight relative pay cut, slight purpose cut, but exactly what I wanted for right now.  I have my own office (so I feel real fancy)!
I ride my bike to work (amazing), work from 8-5 with a luxurious one-hour lunch break, and then I'm done.  No taking work home, no doing homework for class after - just done.  Life after work is mine.  It is so liberating.  The people I work with are also all fantastic - bright faces around the office all the time, but there is definitely a professional/personal boundary which I appreciate, especially after the lack thereof at my former job.  

Do I miss New York?  Of course.  

But I am so very happy with all the recent changes in my life.

All smiles!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

State Fair!

Yesterday, Brad and I went to the Oklahoma State Fair! 
While not as big or exciting as the Texas State Fair (but everything is bigger and better in Texas, right?) it was a lot of fun!  Although rain was in the forecast, it turned out to be a very nice day.  I was happy to see a plethora of food carts offering fried and non-fried items to eat on a stick.  I was a little disappointed to not find any crazy fried things, such as fried butter - perhaps another time.  We did have some delicious turkey legs! Yumm...

One of my favorite parts of fairs are the games!  I LOVE playing the games. Trying to knock over what looks like a reasonable amount of pins with a single ball... trying to toss a ring onto a bottle among a sea of bottles, etc.   It is all such a rip off, yet such a childlike delight.  And look what I won!
I named him Ernie. 

And at the very end we saw some trick dogs (pretty neat) and some native dancing.  We talked about how much we appreciate people embracing, celebrating, and continuing traditions in their cultures.  

I love Oklahoma.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Spirit

Meet my new bike!

I got lucky at the store and found this great used bike!  I rode her around town today and felt so happy and liberated.  Her name suits her well!  
I am so excited to ride her to work every day and be a bike commuter! 
One of the things I loved about NYC was taking public transportation everywhere... especially to work.  Well, what's better than that? A 15 minute bike ride! 
Soon, I am going to buy a basket for her too - then she will be complete.