Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally feeling at home!

Well... I must say that my time in New York so far has been amazing, but I have struggled with "feeling at home". The transition ...well, all the transitions have had their challenges, but I'm really starting to feel "at home" here in all aspects (home/work/social), which is very exciting!

One thing that really helps is my apartment! Even after I finally moved in, I still didn't feel "at home" in it. I'm so blessed to have parents that are so supportive - they helped me furnish my apartment and it lifted a huge amount of stress off the whole thing. Moving and starting your adult life can be very stressful at times, I've found haha. But it's a great experience, and an important one, too.

Now, when I walk through the door, it feels good to be home. Yes, there is still a lot to be done, but I like coming home. It's a small apartment, but I really think its the perfect size for me! And since I promised to do so, here is a little tour of my apartment!

I'm starting to really love it! :)

Monday we didn't have school because it was a Jewish holiday!! It was the best thing ever! I needed that three day weekend! So, Heather and Alison and I had Monday Funday!! We met up and did some shopping, ate dinner, and saw a show! Chicago, like all the others, was amazing! I love seeing how different it is from the movie - the stage requires such a high level of creativity, I feel. Chicago was fun, sexy, and well executed. It was Heather's first show on Broadway - isn't that exciting!

I loved Monday Fun-day! It also fit in the theme of "feeling at home" very well - a day off of work spent in the city just enjoying life with two friends. Lovely. :)

Tuesday was a day of catching up with friends for me. I literally skyped or phone chatted for about 4 hours that day! And I still haven't caught up with everybody! It was wonderful though - I got to talk to Tricia and Lauren and I 'ate dinner' with Tracy and Kirsten and chatted with Megan! That is one of the hardest things - missing everybody. I will say that I love love love modern technology and airplanes (haha) and I love that they are still as important to me today as my last day in Norman/Texas. I can't wait to see Norman people next weekend and for people to visit in the winter!

Fall weather. It is gorgeous!!! I heard that the leaves are already changing in Central Park! I'm going to have make my way over there this week for sure! I've always been indecisive as far as what my favorite season is, but I think in New York its fall without a doubt! Granted, its really the only season I've been here for, but I think it's going to be the winner!

Today: Atlantic Antic
Oh, Brooklyn's largest fair right outside my door? Sounds like fun! I will save this for another blog, because I must return to lesson planning and things of the like. So look forward to that.

Countdown to Norman: 5 days!!!!!!