Thursday, July 10, 2014

365 Denver: 331-340

Day 331
Monday, June 30
Motorcycle adventures with Joe.

Day 332
Tuesday, July 1
Rock climbing and USA game.

Day 333
Wednesday, July 2
Driving up to Steamboat for the holiday weekend.

Day 334
Thursday, July 3
Fantastic day out on the lake!  Got up on skis, went fishing, and chilled with some great people.

Day 335
Friday, July 4
Happy birthday, America!!
I caught my first fish!!
Great day at the lake celebrating.

Day 336
Saturday, July 5
Another relaxing day at the lake on the boat and at the beach.

Day 337
Sunday, July 6
Finished the HP series today!

Day 338
Monday, July 7
Fun day in Golden with friends floating the river and hanging out in the park.

Day 339
Tuesday, July 8
World Cup watching.

Day 340
Wednesday, July 9
Tennis with Pam & more World Cup watching.

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