Monday, July 7, 2014

365 Denver: 321-330

Day 321
Friday, June 20
Hiking and Rockies game with the ladies!

Day 322
Saturday, June 21
Softball game, binge watching OINTB, and a date.

Day 323
Sunday, June 22
USA vs. Germany & backyard fun.

Day 324
Monday, June 23
Estes Park with Pam.
I love exploring Colorado.

Day 325
Tuesday, June 24
Yoga, pool day, and some evening patio drinking.

Day 326
Wednesday, June 25
Hiking with Lauren and the pups and enjoying Ft. Collins.

Day 327
Thursday, June 26
USA vs. Germany.

Day 328
Friday, June 27
Mt. Shavano with Joe (Joe's dog in picture). So beautiful and fun, but also filled with altitude sickness.

Day 329
Saturday, June 28
Volleyball tourny + Washers tourny = 12 hours of fun and drinking.

Day 330
Sunday, June 29
Skyping with OUPS, chatting with Sarah, and evening at Kirsten's - a day full of old friends. 

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