Monday, June 23, 2014

365 Denver: 311-320

Day 311
Tuesday, June 10
Happy Birthday Sally!
Sallykins is 4 years old, and such a sweet, wonderful companion.

Day 312
Wednesday, June 11
Last day with kids!!!  I am officially done with teaching Kindergarten at Wyatt.  Wooohooo!
We went to Blackhawk for some celebratory gambling.
I played craps for the first time... I LOVE it.

Day 313
Thursday, June 12
First softball game!  We got crushed... but had a good time.

Day 314
Friday, June 13
First day of summer break!!!
Spent the afternoon lounging poolside.

Day 315
Saturday, June 14
In Minneapolis for my cousin's wedding.  I got to see family I hadn't seen in quite a long time and the weather cooperated perfectly for their gorgeous, outdoor ceremony at the arboretum.  

Day 316
Sunday, June 15
Exploring the Mall of America and other Minneapolis treats.

Day 317
Monday, June 16
Water World, US v. Ghana, and watching a friend's softball game.
A beautiful, full summer day.

Day 318
Tuesday, June 17
Rock climbing with Joe & Pam in the morning, afternoon adventure to retrieve this abandoned kayak, volleyball, and hot tub movie night. 
A beautiful, full summer day.

Day 319
Wednesday, June 18
1st 14er - Mt. Bierstadt - 14,060.
Summer goal: 1/10
Back to Denver by noon - enjoyed the afternoon at Bark Bar with Sally and friends. 

Day 320
Thursday, June 19
My favorite summer cold dish - yum!

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