Thursday, August 7, 2014

365 Denver: 351-365

Day 351
Sunday, July 20
After our super fun camping weekend, Sally had a lot of pig fat on her head and dirt on her body.  She reluctantly had a much needed bath!

Day 352
Monday, July 21
Out to the Coors for the short tour.

Day 353
Tuesday, July 22
Pool day!

Day 354
Wednesday, July 23
Floating the river in Golden and enjoying some fine company and beers.

Day 355
Thursday, July 24
Today I went to the dog park and randomly ran into two people I knew!  It was the happiest of surprises and made Denver feel even more like a home.
We had a big, fun crowd for softball tonight!

Day 356
Friday, July 25
Pam and I collecting donations at the Rockies game for our school!
Then an awesomely fun night out at Punch Bowl Social.

Day 357
Saturday, July 26
Movie time - Lucy.  I really liked it... and it reminds me of how my taste in things (movies, food, activities, etc.) has changed over the years.
Followed by a fun night out with friends.

Day 358
Sunday, July 27
We went fishing, caught a bunch of trout, and cooked them up for dinner!

Day 359
Monday, July 28
Quandary Peak!  I was SO proud of Sally - she did such an awesome job on her first 14er!
Summer 14er goal: 7/10

Day 360
Tuesday, July 29
Yoga/pool with the girls and beers with the boys before volleyball.
I love how much Colorado loves beer.

Day 361
Wednesday, July 30
Rainy day reading at one of my favorite coffee shops.

Day 362
Thursday, July 31
The softball crew.  We may lose every game, but we have a great time.

Day 363
Friday, August 1
Love my snuggle bug.

Day 364
Saturday, August 2
Shakespeare Festival in Boulder with the family.
It was a lovely night and quite the humorous show.

Day 365
Sunday, August 3
A little hike in RMNP to some pretty waterfalls.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for doing all 365!